New Songs Added,  X Factor

New Songs Added to X Factor Radio

Added some new songs to X Factor Radio…I already had a couple Smashing Pumpkin songs that I wanted to add and then I heard a recent version of Johnny Marr performing How Soon is Now and well I went on a UK listening spree and decided to add some of the songs to X Factor Radio. Enjoy…

BuzzcocksEver Fallen in Love
BuzzcocksWhat Do I Get
BuzzcocksWhy Can’t I Touch it
Johnny MarrHow Soon is Now
Johnny MarrReceiver
Johnny MarrTenement Time
Liam GallagherFor What It’s Worth
Liam GallagherOnce
Liam GallagherWall of Glass
Noel GallagherFlying on the Ground
Noel GallagherIf I Had a Gun
Noel GallagherIn the Heat of the Moment
Noel GallagherThe Dying of the Light
The Smashing PumpkinsStand Inside Your Love
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Everlasting Gaze