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I am not saying donate…times are tough for a lot of people. No one should be donating to this station if you are struggling or living pay check to pay check. However, I am putting the option out there.

I am losing money doing this station. I am doing it because I love the music, I enjoy working on the station settings/programing, I am learning things keeping my brain challenged. And, I hope to gain listeners and keep doing this for years to come.

The monthly cost to run a legit internet radio station is not cheap. The equipment that I have and want to get so that I am putting out a quality product is not cheap. Right now with no industry contacts getting the music is not cheap. If ZERO people donate I will still do this. Any money that is donated will be used 100% for the station.

If you would like to donate the information is below here.

If you have a business and would like to advertise the cost is CHEAP. For 20 bucks a month you will get your spot aired on the station one 60 sec spot 1x per hour every hour or a 30 sec spot aired 2x per hour, banner on the website and a page on the website with your information. I am only accepting 6 of these advertisers as I don’t want either of the 2 commercial breaks to be longer than 3 minutes. If/when I sell out all six spots I am going to upgrade to Live365 next tier package.

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