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How to listen to X-Factor Radio

You can tune into X-Factor Radio on Live365 via the Live365 Android appiOS appX-Factor Radio websiteAmazon Alexa Skill, or the Live365 website.

The station is streaming 24/7 and from testing in my house/car it is clean sounding. I know a lot of people have their Spotify playlists (as do I) but there are times where I like listening to stuff that is in the ballpark genre wise of what I like that I didn’t build…gives me a chance to hear stuff that I don’t normally listen too.

The format of the station is simple. I have 80s and older in two folders. Main hits and deeper tracks. I do the same for the 90s.
I also have a 2000s folder and 2010 and newer folder. And there also is a folder named eclectic where I put the odd ball stuff. I then built a rotation out of the 80s/90s with less frequent songs from the 2000s and 2010s folders.

I am also adding in some script to play five 80s songs in a row at 8am and 8pm and five 90s songs at 9am and 9pm.

Still to do is add in a folder for unsigned/indie label bands and figure out when/where to play them. And I am building a page to solicit music from bands too.

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My name is DJ Lotus This site will focus on music and X-Factor Radio. At various times since being a teen I have been a radio/club DJ in Bakersfield, SLO, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. I also was a DJ at the following stations KKXX, KRAB, KSLY, KHTT, KLLY from the late 80s to the early 2000s. I hosted X-Factor Radio in Bakersfield and hosted The Other Side in San Luis Obispo. Both of these shows were alternative shows in the 90s that I hosted/programed.

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