X Factor

The death of alternative radio…

KROQ…sucks now and to be fair had been dying a slow death for a while.
Live 105…gone now.
NY K-Rock and Alt Rock 101.1…gone.
Chicago Q101…I tried to listen. Sounds pretty corporate/lazy.
91X…oh yeah. 🙂 they are local…still alive and kicking. But that is it that I can find that I would actually listen to.

Programing my own radio station is something that I have wanted to do for many years. I have papers/documents where I would write down show ideas, music rotation ideas, promotion ideas, staff size and how to run it local and lean to be able to pay the staff a living wage. How to use the station to benefit the community. I wish I could have done back when radio still made a difference.

I can’t do all of that with an internet radio station but I can focus on the music part. I am proud of what the station sounds like at this point. It has an eclectic music from when I was a kid to now. Yes, there is still a lot of great new music out there…but you can’t be lazy…you have to go out and find it. I have four 80s hours spread out over the day which is followed up by a 90s hour. My 80s and 90s folders run deep with music that I have collected forever on LP/CD. Yeah, you will hear a little bit of 80s/90s music that you might hear on a rock or classic rock station now…but no where near as much as you would hear on mainstream alternative radio.

If you are ever tired clicking next next next on your playlist and want to hear a mix of music you won’t hear anywhere else. Give X Factor Radio a listen.
Here is a short video from the 80s Hour (which does play a little 70s music)
Where else are you going to hear
Oingo Boingo – Gratitude
Madonna – Burning Up
The Jam – The Eton Rifles
and Social Distortion – Prison Bound
all in the same block of music?

Click Here to listen live and also get links to download the Get Me Radio app to listen.