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    11/26/2021 50 new songs added

    50 new songs were added to X Factor Radio today. Artist Name(s) Track Name 4B2M PP King, Pt. 2 7evin7ins You’ve Won 7ru7h Last First Date Admiral Freebee There is Nothing Wrong with You aldrch,Ryan Leahan antifreeze* Amyl and The Sniffers Guided By Angels Banji Chills Between You & Me,Yours Truly Go To Hell (feat. Yours Truly) Biffy Clyro Errors In The History Of God BILBAO Parasols Bilk Brand New Day Bloc Party Traps Bronnie Scream Calling All Captains Laurel Canyon Charlotte Sands Every Guy Ever CHVRCHES Killer Coffin Moth THIS DAMNATION Cold Cave Night Light Comeback Kid Heavy Steps Destroy Boys Te llevo conmigo Dream Nails They / Them…

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    ft Travis Barker….

    Featuring Travis Barker…It is not a bad thing…in fact you could say Travis Barker is helping new music being created. As I am looking for new music to play on X Factor it is like all of them have featuring Travis Barker on them. 🙂 Travis Barker is the king of collaborations and has been for years now. In the past I noticed it on a lot of bigger artists but now that I am digging for new music I am seeing it all over the place.

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    The death of alternative radio…

    KROQ…sucks now and to be fair had been dying a slow death for a while.Live 105…gone now.NY K-Rock and Alt Rock 101.1…gone. Chicago Q101…I tried to listen. Sounds pretty corporate/lazy.91X…oh yeah. 🙂 they are local…still alive and kicking. But that is it that I can find that I would actually listen to. Programing my own radio station is something that I have wanted to do for many years. I have papers/documents where I would write down show ideas, music rotation ideas, promotion ideas, staff size and how to run it local and lean to be able to pay the staff a living wage. How to use the station to benefit…

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    New Songs Added to X Factor Radio

    Added some new songs to X Factor Radio…I already had a couple Smashing Pumpkin songs that I wanted to add and then I heard a recent version of Johnny Marr performing How Soon is Now and well I went on a UK listening spree and decided to add some of the songs to X Factor Radio. Enjoy…#XFactor#XFactorRadio#Alternative#alternativetowhat Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love Buzzcocks What Do I Get Buzzcocks Why Can’t I Touch it Johnny Marr How Soon is Now Johnny Marr Receiver Johnny Marr Tenement Time Liam Gallagher For What It’s Worth Liam Gallagher Once Liam Gallagher Wall of Glass Noel Gallagher Flying on the Ground Noel Gallagher If I…

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