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Every 2am, 8am 2pm, & 8pm (central time) it is the 80’s hour. The whole hour is music that was on KROQ in the 80s, MTV, and on your 80s mix tapes that you made.





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My name is DJ Lotus This site will focus on music and X-Factor Radio. At various times since being a teen I have been a radio/club DJ in Bakersfield, SLO, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. I also was a DJ at the following stations KKXX, KRAB, KSLY, KHTT, KLLY from the late 80s to the early 2000s. I hosted X-Factor Radio in Bakersfield and hosted The Other Side in San Luis Obispo. Both of these shows were alternative shows in the 90s that I hosted/programed.

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