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We Love Our Country

The story behind this playlist is a life lesson that I learned from one of my favorite teachers. Mr. Trop. Senior year 85 in government class the first test that was handed out to us I answered the questions BUT…on top of the test I wrote “We love our Country…It’s our goverment that we hate”. Abe (Mr. Trop) didn’t even make it to my answers in the test. I got the test back with a big fat F on top and he circled goverment with the comment there is an N in government. I have NEVER misspelled that word again. Years later I was living in Bakersfield and took my trash out and in my alley taking out his trash was Abe! We talked a few more times while I lived there. He was a great teacher and I am sure he had plenty of life lessons with other students too.

Being into punk rock in the 80s in Taft/Bakersfield/Kern County meant getting called a f$% a lot…being chased by jocks…and putting up with a lot of bull shit. We had our music though which has stood the test of time and most of it is just as relevant now as it was back then.

Musically it wasn’t easy either. Being in Taft there were not many of us and we shared a lot of cassettes of cassettes with no band names so a lot of times there was no way to know who you were listening too. Tuesday nights also if we leaned out the window just right with wires/wire hanger we could barely pick up some punk rock radio show from LA.

One of the great things was when we could get to Bakersfield and skateboard from music store to music store from Stockdale hwy to the mall…there always seemed to be plenty of mischief along the way. By my senior year we had our own wheels and would be able to drive to Bakersfield. Finding flyers for Black Flag, 45 Grave, and other bands that played in Bakersfield was also a great past time…that and buying records made for a great weekend.

This playlist tells a story from the 70s to the late 90s. 6 Bands from each decade…a lot of the bands spanned some or all of these decades and are still going today. Hopefully you enjoy the playlist and I plan to revisit this playlist in the future as there are a lot of great bands/songs that still need to be added to it. On this original playlist I have seen 12 of the bands/artists live…I wish it was a higher number than that.

A couple other side notes from 85…the playlist cover image is from my senior yearbook and Mr. Donnelly another TUHS teacher told us our senior year that when we were adults that punk would be pop music. 

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My name is DJ Lotus This site will focus on music and X-Factor Radio. At various times since being a teen I have been a radio/club DJ in Bakersfield, SLO, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. I also was a DJ at the following stations KKXX, KRAB, KSLY, KHTT, KLLY from the late 80s to the early 2000s. I hosted X-Factor Radio in Bakersfield and hosted The Other Side in San Luis Obispo. Both of these shows were alternative shows in the 90s that I hosted/programed.

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