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X Factor Radio update

So, I have a 2 hour specialty show that I am putting together and I want to start talking live on X Factor Radio some too.
Problem is I am not happy with the way the mic I have sounds and the control that I have over it. So, I busted out the mixer and wired it all in and ordered a mic and some other equipment. It was set to be delivered and I get an email saying there has been an issue with your order and it CAN’T be delivered and we are issuing a refund. Please reorder if you need these items.

I am thinking that the news I saw recently about an Amazon wreck and packages everywhere might be where my stuff ended up.
It reminded me of when I managed Liquid Music in SLO in the 90s. With a music store you can do returns to the supplier for full credit. I shipped back a big box of CDs with USPS and a few days later I get a call…is this a joke? I am like what are you talking about? You sent us a torn up box full of canned food… I went over to the USPS office and explained the call that I just got. The person said and I quote “oh yeah, about that…we had a huge pile of boxes fall off the dock and bust open and we put them back together as best we could”. That was it…nothing more. 🙂

And as I type this the doorbell is wringing with my replacement order of mic/parts! I will be setting it all up tonight!

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My name is DJ Lotus This site will focus on music and X-Factor Radio. At various times since being a teen I have been a radio/club DJ in Bakersfield, SLO, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. I also was a DJ at the following stations KKXX, KRAB, KSLY, KHTT, KLLY from the late 80s to the early 2000s. I hosted X-Factor Radio in Bakersfield and hosted The Other Side in San Luis Obispo. Both of these shows were alternative shows in the 90s that I hosted/programed.

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